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Sep 27, 2012 6:00pm EDT
, value of patents, we know that with motorola. it was bought by google because of the patents. >> we were issued our 83rd patent today. the communication space especially in voice is a patent mine field. there's a lot of ip out there, goes back to att and all of those big portfolios. the fact that we have been been an it company, we certainly don't have the thousands of patents that some of those entities to have. it's enabled us to sell patents to some of the prailayers out there. we do cross license exchanges. it's a vital part of our business, even though it may not show up on the top line every quarter. >> mr. mews si, he's the ceo of paychecks, he's talking about how small business, how the formation is not good. how much is the -- does the pie heart? i know you're taking share in the pie. but the small business market is not growing in the company that we know of. >> fcc actually twice a year publishes access line data. the past two diction-month periods, access lines are going down for the last two years. they've stabilizeded it's not like we're going up tremendously. even while th
Sep 24, 2012 11:00pm EDT
the overpay for the motorola acquisition, but we just got a terrific piece of research this morning. i really urge you to get it from mark m hainy at citigroup. talking about how google's gotten its money's worth from that deal and more so. finally i've been hoping that apple would find a way to assert itself into social media the way it has come to dominate the other two tech, mobile and the cloud. maybe buy twitter to compete with facebook. that hasn't happened. meanwhile, google is doing terrific social work. oh, and of course it has google maps. the bottom line, look, i'm not backing away from apple as an investment. i told you not to trade an investment. too soon. my charitable trust owns it. but if you wanted to buy something right now, i think google's a cheaper, better stock to own. shocking? no more shocking than apple screwing up its maps product. hmm. maybe that is shocking when you think about how few mistakes apple's made this millennium. let's go to buddy in texas, please. buddy? >> caller: jim, a big 3-0 number one in the power rankings houston texans boo-y
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)